Université Haute-Alsace (300h/year)

  • Industrial Robotics (2017-Present)
    Level L2, M1 (course leader)

Introduction to robotics, robotic programming on Staubli Robotic Suite (SRS).

  • Object-Oriented Programming (2019-Present)
    Level L2 (course Leader)

Introduction to object-oriented programming, C/C++ Language.

  • Robotic sensors (2019-Present)
    Level M2 (course leader)

Proprioceptive and exteroceptive sensors, sensor-based robotic applications, introduction to ROS.

  • Electronic and programming projects (2017-Present)
    Level L2

Sensors-based raspberry PI applications.

Other teaching experiences (300h)

  • Image processing and computer vision (2008)
    Level M2 (course leader)

Introduction to OpenCV, development of image processing and computer vision applications.

  • Unix OS and algorithms (2008)
    Level M2

Shell command, scripts.

  • Image processing in C++ (2010-2011)
    Level M1

Programming in C++, simulated navigation with optical flow.

  • Micro-controller programming (2016-2017)
    Level M1

Programming with LCD, I2C sensor communication, PID controller.